1. A need for Revival must precede Evangelism. Church growth begins

from a “revival fire.” Those in the Church: Pastor, Officers, and

Members must have a deep desire to “turn from their wicked ways,

seek God’s face, and pray…” A Revival motivates the whole Church

body to “lift” Jesus, seek the unchurched and the unsaved and bring

them to Church to be penetrated by the same “revival fire. “ If a

Church starts praising God, praying, responding positively to the

“Preached Word” and the Written Words,” forgiving one another, caring

and loving one another, it sets the right atmosphere to receive and

nurture new members in Christ Jesus.

A “revival fire” is beginning of Evangelism.

2. A “Ready Church” for church growth must be about growing spiritually.

A Church must “grow-up” together in Christ Jesus before it can “grow

out. “ A spiritual climate must be created before growth can be

actualized. Prayer meetings day and night, encouraging members to

witness daily, involving members in ministry, focusing on people’s

needs, and planning and developing worship services that are dynamic

and inspiring, all play a great part in spiritual growth of a Church.

These spiritual activities always produce members in a Church that

experience the “born again event” in their lives; others become spirit

–filled; other begin to witness God’s calling on their lives to specific

ministries; the agape love begins to be increased; members begin

forgiving one another; and members begin to have a yearning to reach

and win the unsaved and the unchurched to Christ Jesus and bring

them into their fellowship of love (agape).

3. A “Ready-Church” for Church growth must be organized. A church is

basically divided into Boards, Committees, Commissions, Class

Auxiliaries, and Ministries. A Church that is not well organized will

seldom experience continued growth. Placing the right people in the

right position and with the right mission according to their gifts and

abilities is a must in Church growth. Good organization not only keeps

members busy working in the church, but most importantly, brings

fulfillment to the mission of the church and the believer as well.

4. A “Ready-Church” for Church growth is informed about Christian Faith.

A Church must have personal knowledge of Jesus Christ, knowledge

of the Bible, knowledge of the Church’s doctrine and structure, and

knowledge of the denominational and local church’s history.

5. A “Ready-Church” for Church growth must show Evidence of the Four

(4) ships for Spiritual Development: (a) Discipleship – the membership

of the church has their eyes on Jesus who is their leader, their main

influence and the Lord. (b) Leadership – The Pastor and Officers are

Disciples of Christ who can give directions, make corrections, and

always have affection of the body of Christ. (c) Stewardship –

members are generous givers of their tithes and offering, their time and

talents toward the needs and ministries of the Church and in

obedience to God. (d) Fellowship – the coming together of God’s

people in love and oneness in the Holy Spirit.

All of the above must take place if true Church growth is to take place continually.